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Obituaries and death certificates and bitterness.

My dad doesn’t have an obituary. There’s been nothing in any newspaper or online. Not a single thing other than word of mouth and Facebook to tell the world he has passed away. Could it be because there’s no cost of death yet? Could it be because it’s so costly? I don’t even know. My fiancee found a site: I think once I’ve mustered up the strength to write one, I’ll have her help me think to write it.

To get a certified death certificate copy, I have to prove that I’m his daughter and that he’s my dad with my birth certificate and pay the $20.00 fee.

I am bitter. I am bitter that I have to fight for information. The last death in the family, it was my Papa, and I was 12 years old. I didn’t know how to process anything, I was just a kid. But any information i wanted to needed, I was given. I was even in the room when Papa died. I wish I was there with my dad. I wish I was notified before he died. I wish they would have told me he was having whatever issues and given me the benefit that his non children got: to be there. So he would have known I was there.

My dad was a sick man. He had many many surgeries and I was always there either at the hospital, or even sometimes the hospital would give me a cot to sleep on because I wouldn’t want to leave his side when he was in pain. I think that’s why this tears me up the most. I should have been there, but I wasn’t even given the option for it.


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