Reality is the leading cause of stress.

I have no shame posting this. However, I did block out the last name, although it took a LOT for me to even do that. This person is not a nice person. This person cannot be trusted. I hate the fact that this PERSON knows where I live, how to get in touch with me. I wish I could just be done with all of them.

People are mean. People are vile. Trying to get a rise out of me. I checked my ‘Filtered’ messages on Facebook and that’s how I found this.


I could say a thousand things about this. I could curse, yell, etc. That’s what she wants. She isn’t worth it. She’s not worth the tears, not worth the fear, not worth my time.

I just want us to be left alone. She isn’t family.

Due to the nature of my post, I’ve disabled comments.