2 Weeks and going…


I’ve been working two weeks straight. I have one more week straight of work before I get time off. I’m tired, I’m not feeling myself, I’m weak, I feel sick, I’ve already had a fever from my body being out of wack.

I have too much alone time at work to be alone with my thoughts. 3 weeks with no day(s) off is just brutal when you work 12 plus hours per day. Because apparently no one can cover my shift, yet everyone else that works here gets days off but me during this time. Yeah, totally fair right?!

Sure, I’m promised 3 days off in a row when the three weeks is up. You know, one day for every week I wasn’t given. Which yes will be a nice break. But I’ll literally end up sleeping the entire first day of those three days off. Some day off right?


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